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Store Your Oil in Durable Tanks

Parks Fuels provides you with access to the ultimate in Wholesale Fuel and Lubricant Distributor and other petroleum products. To better serve customers, we have agreements with major fuel suppliers in our marketing area. We are committed to providing the highest quality fuels at competitive prices. A variety of catalysts, additives, and stabilizers to increase fuel performance and efficiency is also available.

Fuel Truck

Convenient Delivery

With numerous modern delivery vehicles in our fleet, supported by professional HAZMAT-certified drivers, we're ready to deliver wherever and whenever you need us. Place your order today for convenient delivery of gasoline, ultra-low sulfur diesel fuel, red-dyed diesel, avgas, and jet fuel. Our delivery fleet includes transports, bobtails, lube trucks, and pickups for relocating tanks and equipment.


Parks Fuels owns above ground fuel tanks with a combined storage capacity of more than 75,000 gallons to suit your storage needs. We have fuel and lubricant tanks in support of our outstanding tank lease program, including skid mounted and overhead tanks.

Depend on us to equip you with the right tank to handle the job. For fuel or lubricant storage, we go the extra mile to meet your specific needs and requests.